POC NASA Liquid Oganic Fertilizer For Plants

POC NASA is a liquid organic fertilizer with a formula specially designed especially to complete the nutrition need for plants, poulty farm, and fish farm made from pure organic materials that have benefits :

  • Increase the quantity and quality of crop production and environmental sustainablility / soil.
  • Make the hard ground gradually become loose soil.
  • Dissolve chemical fertilizer residues in the soil, so it can be absorbed and used by plants.
  • Give all types of macro and micro nutrients.
  • Can reduce the use of chemical fertilizers (N, P and K), Urea, SP-36, and KCL up to 12.5% - 25%. Every 1 liter NASA POC has micro nutritnt funcion or equivalent to 1 ton of bio fertilizer.
  • Encourage the growth of plants and roots, stimulating the growth of tubers, flowering and fertilization and reducing the loss of flowers and fruits (containing organic hormone / ZPT, Auksin, Giberellin and Cytokines).
  • Help the development of soil microorganisms that are beneficial to plants like eaerhworms.
  • Increase plant resistance to pests and diseases.
  • Increase the weight of poultry (Chicken, duck, etc), large and small cattle (cows, buffaloes, horses, goats, sheep, rabbits, etc.), and all kinds of fish and shrimp.
  • Encourage the growth of plankton as a natural food of fish and shrimp.
  • Increase the appetite of poultry, fish, and shrimp.

poc nasa liquid organic fertilizer for plants

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